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Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 7.49.56 AM.pngTechnology continues pushing the capabilities of e-commerce forward. So what should online sellers focus on adopting next year? From the mobile takeover to custom products and the dawn of v-commerce, ONU One covers B2B & B2C on desktop & mobile. Oh, and there’s a customizer. Did we mention the customizer? Yeah, you’re definitely going to want this customizer. Here’s why adding 3D visualization to e-commerce should be at the top of your 2017 list.

B2B and E-Commerce

B2B online retail will see an estimated $12 trillion in sales by 2020, according to Frost & Sullivan. The volume of transactions is different for B2B compared to B2C, but strategies overlap. Especially with product-focused B2B enterprise, like OEMs, customers need straightforward views of complex products. ONU One’s 3D visualization platform optimizes CAD data to make products look their best online. Another major factor in the B2B e-commerce growth is mobile ordering. Internet Retailer shows how mobile is on everyone’s minds. Mobile is creating massive opportunities for e-commerce everywhere, not just with B2B. And with a great mobile experience, comes the need for a great responsivity.   

So Responsive on Mobile

E-commerce spending edged out brick-and-mortar in the last quarter, according to UPS’ annual Pulse of the Online Shopper survey. And within those groundbreaking online sales, mobile saw huge gains – 25%, to be exact. So more people are shopping online, and more of them are converting right on their smartphone. What does this mean for e-commerce? First, make sure your site is mobile-friendly for search engine ranking and optimization (here’s Google’s tool to check). Second, ensure any software you use is responsive. ONU One’s web embed is responsive, scaling to the size of any screen and operating lightning fast. Third, consider how important responsiveness is for customer experience.  

Better Customer Experience

While online sales hit record numbers this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Gallup reports that technical difficulties – like unresponsive sites – lead to more disengaged customers. And not just disengaged, but antagonistic towards the offending brand! So how does a company capture the massive mobile market without frustrating its customer base out of existence? By using a smart and effective platform like ONU One. The customer experience is revolutionary: fast, intuitive and responsive. Try it for yourself on our client Xenith’s website. If you didn’t click to try it, here’s a spoiler: you can also make your own custom helmet. Because what do more and more consumers want? Custom everything.  

Customize Everything

The Census Bureau tells us there are more Millennials than Boomers. What else do we know about this large market share? They expect custom products. It isn’t just this on-demand, personalized generation that wants custom options, though. A Bain survey found that 30% of all consumers are interested in trying a customized option. We’re seeing market proliferation of customizers, with varying degrees of success. Major shoe brands like Van’s and Nike offer custom items. If you really want to go all out, build your own Ford Mustang. Customizers are implemented with varying degrees of usability right now. Customizers should enhance the online experience, increase customer engagement and deliver a product with an emotional connection. But they often fall short of these goals. Don’t forget – frustrating experiences online can actually make customers disengage completely.  

Better Product Views

It isn’t good enough to see the custom build on a layered PSD file, or click through four clunky images that don’t show the whole product. We already know that products with 360 degree spins increase conversions, and that 91% of online shoppers want to be able to turn products 360 degrees and zoom at any angle. ONU One has this covered. Don’t forget about e-commerce expanding into the virtual space, becoming v-commerce. There’s ample room for ancillary experiences in virtual reality (VR) for retail. What we’ve seen so far has largely used 360 video in a passive environment. ONU One’s platform can put the products themselves in a VR environment, and make them interactable. This means opening up parts of products or exploding the whole thing to look inside. It takes ONU One’s online customizer and moves it into virtual reality for a truly futuristic – and engaging – shopping experience.