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Digital assets. They are the primary format for everything we create. Photos, videos, documents, models – we work on them individually and collaboratively and need to access them in a variety of ways. There are a lot of systems that sort and organize our files, but the general idea is the same: we need a software program that makes sense of our stuff.

Beyond simply organizing, what if these systems could do more? What if they could truly move design assets into multiple platforms, with minimal work for the user? The definition of digital asset management is a way to organize information that emphasizes encryption, asset permissions and redundancy (backup copies). Other key features include secure storage, a searchable content management system (CMS) and an easy way to move content outside of the system. DAMs can be local or cloud-based, which is known as DAM SaaS (Software as a Service).

Digital assets are created in a single platform for multiple uses. And often, exporting to a similar-but-slightly-different file type isn’t enough. Recent advancements in WebGL, smartphones and virtual reality created a demand to move those assets onto these new platforms.
ONU created ONU One, a 3D visualization platform, to address these demands. With ONU One, design files move easily through a pipeline to be exported to use anywhere in full 3D. Our proprietary algorithms lower the density of CAD or other large files – without lowering the quality.

Because of the reduced polygons, ONU One can optimize and deliver, for example, a FBX file into virtual reality or augmented reality in 3D. Real-time rendering allows for total interactivity, super-quick performance and photorealism. Our platform integrates with game engines like Unity and Unreal, and works on the web with e-commerce platforms like Magento and Shopify. Easy access to these 3D assets means your team can create 3D presentations for use in sales and marketing. Adobe found 91% of online shoppers want to turn products 360 degrees and zoom on any perspective.

Interactivity like this increases emotional engagement, which in turn builds brand loyalty. And with ONU One’s powerful customizer anyone can make your own version – try it with
Xenith Helmets! It’s easy to see how 3D visualization communicates a product’s features and differentiators in any format. A 3D visualization platform is, in essence, the most accurate, interactive and cost-effective way to showcase your products. How did you ever live without one?