The Emerging Battle for Better Ecommerce Experiences

It’s so frustrating when you’re shopping online, checking out different angles of this epic new shoe, when you realize you can’t see the sole. Or when you want a closer look at the textures of that sweet new breathable athletic material, only for the zoom to be constrained to a tiny thumbnail. Argh!  

The Online Views Blues Such is shopping online. We can’t see the full features of products or inspect them like we can in a store. But the vast majority of consumers research online before buying – sometimes even while they’re in the store, according to Synchrony Financial. And while e-commerce as a whole has undergone tremendous growth, what about transformation? So far the best solution is some type of photography, with 360 degree product photography coming in as the reigning champ. But there is an underdog waiting to jump into the ring – and that champion will transform the experience for companies and their customers.      

What Is 360 Product Photography? It is, much like it sounds, a 360 degree view of a product. Said product is placed on a platform, that spins as a DSLR captures dozens of images, which are then compiled by a team of designers. And edited. And retouched. If there’s anything in the photos that shouldn’t be – say, a speck of dust – the process begins again. It’s time-consuming, expensive and high-maintenance. So why does anyone go through this process? So why do a lot of companies go through this? Because it’s the status quo, and it takes a fierce challenger to create change.  

The Competitor ONU One skips the massive infrastructure and goes straight to the source: the design files themselves. Our platform uses your existing CAD or scan data to show your products in hyper-real 3D. It’s easier and more efficient than any possible combination of photographs. Even if it wasn’t better, faster and cheaper, there’s the end user to consider. The customer has total control over the interaction. No longer limited to the views that were captured, they can explore everything, via zoom, rotate and exploded views.  

After using ONU One, you’ll find yourself wishing it was everywhere:

“Why can I only see that cell phone from a few angles?”
“You mean I have to actually go to a store before I purchase this?”
“It’s not rotating! It’s not…. Oh wait. No ONU *sad face*.”
 – Actual quotes taken from people who genuinely love ONU and may or may not work here.

There’s more options for customization, but we’ll cover that in a future post. In the meantime, visit Xenith Helmets to try changing features and functionality on-the-fly.  

The Title Belt Goes To… ONU One. What are you waiting for? You should put money on this fight. It’s only a matter of time before 360 product photography finds itself on the receiving end of a knockout. And we, as consumers of many things, can’t wait.