How ONU Delivered an Interactive 3D Ecommerce Solution for Xenith Helmets

The ubiquity of online shopping presents manufacturers with the opportunity to showcase their products with a high degree of accuracy and realism. Xenith, the industry-leading football helmet manufacturer, partnered with ONU to deliver an 3D interactive product solution to their eCommerce platform.   Founded in 2014, ONU’s flagship product is ONU One, a 3D visualization platform that turns existing CAD data into interactive product presentations. ONU One takes CAD files and adds colors, textures, and lighting to build a lifelike, interactive representation of any product. What began as a mobile app for iOS or Android devices, ONU reached out to Clara.io in order to provide the web-based viewing solution for eCommerce Xenith required.

Xenith manufactures industry-leading football helmets; they offer a multitude of customization options on their products, from colors to different elements, like the facemask and chin cup. With so many options to choose from, the ability to see the final product online in rich detail is a huge service to the consumer.

Xenith wanted ONU to provide the infrastructure to accomplish real-time, 3D viewing during web ordering. The process of taking CAD data and transforming it into something for the web isn’t straightforward. First, models must be optimized for use online. ONU created the API for the customization functionality, to be able to change the color of different parts or replace parts with different ones. Once models have been prepared for online use, they need to be embedded online. Clara.io was the final piece to move Xenith’s helmets from CAD data to photorealistic, interactive 3D models.

Clara.io, is the wildly popular full-featured online 3D editing and viewing tool created by Exocortex, which allows users to create, animate, and render 3D content. ONU One relies on the Clario.io player to enable customers to interact with the helmet models.

The groundwork functionality is the Clara.io player, which Exocortex exposed to ONU One through their REST API. ONU One leverages the strengths of Clara.io’s web viewer to make Xenith’s products interactive and customizable in 3D. And when customizations were needed, Clara.io was very receptive.

In addition to changing features on the helmet, ONU created an explodable animation. This allows the consumer to explore the layers and detail that is put into each helmet — a view of the inner workings otherwise not visible without ONU One. Xenith has the highest rating for safety, and this important market differentiator is now an interactive feature integrated into their eCommerce.

As a result of this success, ONU is building a pipeline between Clara.io and ONU One to push CAD into Clara.io to prepare it for ONU One. Eventually, the seamless process from CAD models into Clara.io straight into ONU One’s mobile app would allow for a quick turnaround with less effort.

Working with Clara.io helped ONU to create an entirely new product that is now a powerful solution for eCommerce providers that wants to deliver a highly-realistic experience to their valued customers. Read our Ultimate Guide to Your Products in 3D on the Web for complete guide to creating 3D web experiences.