How to Use Virtual Reality at a Trade Show

Booth sizes. Freight shipping. Furniture rentals. Oh, and did you want carpet? It costs extra. Sound familiar? You’ve done trade shows countless times and know the routine. But what if there was at least one aspect of a show where you could save money, time and space?

ONU’s Virtual Reality platform can have a huge impact on your bottom line for exhibiting. That’s because ONU’s software leverages your existing files. Instead of keeping product designs confined to the computer, move them into any digital space. ONU’s pipeline delivers products into mobile apps, on the web for e-commerce and into virtual and augmented realities.

This is because ONU is first and foremost a 3D visualization platform. Like many other SaaS products, the advantages of a full platform include a backend, analytics and user control of content. Instead of using photos or clunky animations, ONU creates beautiful 3D representations of products that are customizable and interactive. Anything can go into digital space, from shoes to sporting goods, cars or large-scale machinery.

And speaking of space and time: VR defies the limits. Why choose what to pack when you go to your next show? Bring your entire inventory in the space of a suitcase. Do you make large pieces of machinery or equipment? Fit them into a 10’x10′ booth space. How about a car? No problem. Everything in the experience is to scale.

It’s not just viewing products, though. You can also interact with them. Animations include operating equipment, swapping colors or textures to customize in real time, and fully exploded views (like a diagram) so you can show off all the nuts and bolts.

But seriously, it gets even better: invite people to participate from anywhere in the world. With ONU’s new multi-user functionality, people can join the virtual reality environment live! All they need is a smartphone and mobile VR viewer, like the Samsung Gear VR. People can either be passive – watching what’s going on – or active, and take control themselves. Invite every contact you have to your next show, and if they can’t make it, send them a Gear VR.

We can’t help with the carpet, but we do have a few tricks that will save money and make you stand out on a crowded show floor – and beyond.