How to Maximize Trade Show Exhibits

Trade shows are a powerful way to increase a company’s visibility and generate warm leads. It’s a big business, with billions spent every year. To make the most of your trade show experience, you need a stand-out exhibit. But with so many people crowded in the same space, what works? At ExhibitorLive in Las Vegas, everyone was talking about virtual reality. The ONU team exhibited our VR solutions, and the response was tremendous. Virtual reality has so many applications for nearly every vertical. Here’s three types of companies that can maximize their trade show presence with VR.  

Brands Can Show Off Products In Virtual Reality

If you’re going to a trade show to sell a physical product, bring your inventory along in virtual reality as well. ONU’s VR platform is revolutionary for products designed in CAD. Our pipeline makes quick work of converting polygon-heavy files into usable formats. (If you don’t use CAD, our team can still move anything into a virtual world.) Leverage the investment you made in CAD with a VR experience for sales and marketing. Other benefits include the high level of interactivity. Say you make large machinery – like the water filter we brought to the show. A simple swipe of the hand explodes the entire system. Guests can walk around inside your product to scale. VR defies the limits of the physical world.  

Booth Fabricators Can Build and Collaborate In Virtual Reality

Trade show booths offer unlimited opportunity for creativity. They’re blank canvases to help companies tell their product story. Like those products, booths are often designed in CAD as well. ONU’s proprietary software allows for real-time rendering to show different configurations. A basic CAD-based showroom is enhanced with different types of carpet, lighting, furniture. In virtual reality, customers can build a custom world, filled with interactive models. If the client is located outside of your headquarters, VR becomes even more useful. With our collaborative technology, people can jump in the same virtual scene from anywhere in the world. This extends to the trade show floor, as well. Invite prospects that aren’t attending to experience your booth virtually.  

Agencies Can Take Branding To The Next Level With Virtual Reality

Agencies embraced virtual reality early on. They know and understand the value of new technology that generates buzz. VR is now a component of the total brand strategy. VR allows for total immersion in a company’s products. It’s unlike any other traditional form of marketing. Virtual reality also allows for an edge when it comes to personalization. The Chevy Camaro we brought to ExhibitorLive changed colors by throwing paint swatches. Building a custom car increases emotional engagement and brand loyalty. It’s also an all-around attention grabber. People love sharing videos of their colleagues trying out a virtual reality experience. Extend the reach beyond the trade show itself.   Brands, booth fabricators or agencies will all benefit from ONU’s virtual reality technology. Contact us to learn more and get started.