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A Multi-Channel 3D Experience

When MyCharge set out to make the best portable power solution on the market, they needed a way to differentiate what makes them the premium brand in a crowded market.

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Charging units may all look similar on the outside, but MyCharge’s interior technology ensures safety and reliability. With ONU One, MyCharge is able to show exploded views of their units, revealing their internal thermometer, along with other key features that the competition lack. In fact, MyCharge first used the ONU One mobile app to impress Apple executives at a key sales meeting. Their experience at that meeting went so well that they decided to use ONU One to impress all of their most important retail partners at CES. Using ONU One on a large touch screen, MyCharge displayed their entire product line at their trade show booth. Booth passersby were able to see the exploded views, as well as explore text Hotspots that highlighted key product features. MyCharge has now begun incorporating ONU One technology into their e-commerce website. 

“People are so visual… you’re not going to read the back of the box to make a purchase decision. ONU One enhances the shopping experience, the product presentation and our reputation as a technology company. It’s a perception – I don’t know how you put a price tag on that.”

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Julie Pickens

VP of Marketing, MyCharge

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  • WOW media and retailers at tradeshows like CES

  • Be flexible with product display

  • Give sales staff an excellent tool

  • Show people their products anytime in 3D

  • Use Hotspots to prompt discussions about features

  • Impress clients with the latest tech

  • Enhance their reputation for innovation