The Sharpest Tool for Custom Automotive Ecommerce

Cars: we need them, we love them, we customize them. Buying a car is just the beginning – opportunities abound for components. From rims to seats to strut bars, nearly every part can be swapped out to make a car truly yours. (Don’t forget those colorways – anodized titanium shift knobs, anyone?) Car enthusiasts spend hours researching, obsessing, drooling over aftermarket parts. SEMA’s 2016 report highlights the massive market that is this $39 billion dollar industry. And Hedges & Company estimates that of that, $7.4 billion is spent online, with ecommerce seeing a 16% increase this year. So, those sweet 20” rims? They need to look just as good online as they will on your ride. Hedges & Co. also reports that desktop searching is down for tire and wheel searches, with mobile growing by 20%. So a responsive website is critical for ecommerce.  

You can’t have images that load poorly, don’t scale to screen sizes, or remain static. Consumers need to interact and understand the nuances in this crowded market for your company to truly differentiate.
Enter ONU One. It’s the only 3D product visualization platform. There’s no flat 2D photography with ONU One. The depth of 3D shows customers the entire product.

Rotate and zoom to maximize visibility on small screens; or even explode a component with many parts to understand functionality.
This smart software is optimized for the web and mobile. Our custom, branded mobile app makes your inventory available anywhere, on demand – even offline. The app is made to deploy to a salesforce or for quick demos during trade shows. The web viewer fits easily into your site, and is used in concert with Shopify or any other ecommerce platform.

On both platforms, total customization is possible. All of your products, with all of the options, are available on demand. Change colors, either of the entire item, or swap out choices on certain parts. Isolation views allow for exploring fine details. Swapping textures? No problem. Check out that racing seat in cloth or carbon fiber.Optional hotspots can call out important information, whether through text, video or links to PDFs. Add instruction manuals, explainer videos – anything important about your line. There is so much knowledge required in the automotive industry, everyone can use a little reminder.  

There still isn’t anything as impressive as showing your products on an actual car, but that isn’t always possible. Bringing something that large to a trade show or sales meeting is expensive and impractical. The next best thing, though, is virtual reality. ONU One can optimize anything, and place it in a VR environment that fits in a small space. See how we did that at TEDxDetroit here. Are you going to SEMA next week? So are we! Say hi to Team ONU and tell us what custom features you need for your company. If you won’t be there, contact us to get the most important tool in your box for effortless automotive ecommerce.