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The Best 3D Product Configurators on the Web

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Online retail is growing each year. Both B2B and B2C companies are seeing the results. As adoption has risen, so have consumer expectations. If customers don’t see all product colors and views, they can become antagonistic towards your brand. We cover all of this and more in The Ultimate Guide to Your Products in 3D on the Web

We also discuss 3D Web technology and its role in creating product configurators. These 3D configurators are infinitely flexible and more efficient to create than their photo-based counterparts. They also fulfill consumer demand for richer experiences. According to KPMG’s 2017 Global Online Consumer Report, “Creating an online shopping experience enhanced by technology such as augmented and virtual reality or 3D is becoming at least as important as providing convenient and personalized ordering, payment and delivery options”

There are a number of great 3D configurator examples online. It seems more are being added monthly. So we decided to pick our Top 10, in no specific order.

Smythe & Digby
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A retailer of high-end men’s dress footwear, Smythe & Digby don’t seem likely candidates to make this list. But if you checkout their 3D configurator, you will see why they made it. They allow for customization of 14 widely differing styles of shoe. Consumers can customize colors and finishes across all areas of the shoe. Including the toe, heel, side, sole, tongue, laces and inner lining.

The experience allows for full 360 degree views of the product on any axis. Once a shoe has been customized, a snapshot can be taken from any angle. The snapshot of your creation can be downloaded, shared on social media or printed. 

The only real drawbacks are the inability to zoom and some additional load time when choosing new options. These are minor inconveniences, given the overall richness of the experience.


We included this one on the list for a few reasons. First, the intricate detail included on the 3D model, with a high degree of photo-realism. Second, the sheer number of parts that can be Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 10.53.45 AM.pngcustomized. From the grips to the brakes, there are too many to list. Allowing different model choices per part, each with 12 colors.

This experience also allows full 360 degree views, as well as a top down view. Full zoom is allowed, although it is very sensitive, making it difficult to control. A snapshot of the current configuration can be created and downloaded. There are also a few extra features, such as dimensional lines and saving of up to 4 configurations.

This 3D configurator is a little different than the others on the list. It was created by a company called Elementals as a proof of concept. It seems Elementals hopes to generate enough interest in the project to bring it to market. Go check it out, and if you like it, share it!

Coalesse LessThanFive Customizer

This 3D configurator made the list because it is both simple and elegant. Just like the product. Coalesse’s LessThanFive chair is named as such because it weighs less than 5 Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 4.37.52 PM.pngpounds. The carbon fiber design makes it both sleek and lightweight. The fact that you can customize it however you like makes it really cool.

The configurator’s design is simple, yet powerful. Just pick colors, add custom artwork and share. Easy peasy. Colors can be completely customized, including the ability to create gradients. Add your own custom artwork to create a completely personalized chair. Then share on social media or with Coalesse to get a quote.

This experience was created by our friends at ThreeKit. They have created configurators for companies in a number of industries. Always delivering with their powerful 3D configurator platform.

Under Armour ICON

The Under Armour ICON experience is the second shoe configurator on our list. But we felt we couldn’t leave it out. Building on the popular Nike ID concept, Under Armour upped the ante by creating a 3D version. In doing so they provide even more flexibility for the consumer.

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 7.18.46 AM.png

The ICON experience centers around a fully interactive 3D model. The shoe can be rotated for a view at any angle. There is also a single level of zoom, which may be the only drawback. It would be nice to zoom further into different parts of the shoe. All parts of the shoe are customizable with some predefined colors. The color selection is a bit limited as of now, allowing for 4-15 colors depending on the section. This configurator gets really powerful around the main overlay. Here you get a choice of different patterns and even the ability to upload your own artwork or logos!

Once you’ve finished your creation, you can buy, save or share it. Sharing on social media or via email allows others to view exactly what you’ve created in 3D. Overall, this is a great configurator experience that we feel will only get better.

Vossen 3D

This 3D configurator is one of our favorites. Created to showcase Vossen Wheels, this configurator has a little bit of everything. A great 3D experience, powerful configurator, solid Ux, and a lot of extras. Frankly, we are a little jealous that we didn’t create this one ourselves!


Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 8.00.36 AM.png

The Vossen 3D experience includes a fully interactive 3D model of a car. And not just a single car. You can choose between 36 makes of automobile, each allowing a choice of multiple models. Once you’ve chosen your dream car, you can rotate it to any angle and zoom freely. You can even change the color of the car as well as other things like the level of window tint. There is a fairly substantial initial load time. But once you get past that, the experience is smooth and performs well.

Enough about the car, let’s get to the purpose of this configurator. Each car has a choice of wheels, which can be displayed on the car or individually. The Tesla alone has 49 different wheel types to choose from! Once you’ve chosen the wheels, the color and size can be configured. You can even spin the wheels to see how they look in motion. Once you like your creation, you can take a screenshot to add to your photo gallery. Any photos can then be shared on social, email or printed.

Hats off to Andari Systems who created this experience for Vossen Wheels. We couldn’t have done it any better ourselves!


We’ve always wondered why there weren’t any 3D configurators for jewelry. Once we found this one by JEWELv, we are now wondering why there aren’t morScreen Shot 2018-02-15 at 8.26.48 AM.pnge. The pendant we customized was viewable from any angle, on each axis. The experience doesn’t allow the user to zoom freely, but instead offers four pre-defined views that offer some level of zoom. Not ideal, but not a major hindrance. The stone and metal can be configured using a variety of pre-defined options. There are no snaphsot or sharing options, so there is definitely room for improvement.


Overall, we found this to be a great way to visualize jewelry. The ability to see all angles provided great perspective on the product. The Ux could use some work, so this one has some room to grow. It’s worth noting, that this is the only configurator on our list that is built using Sketchfab.

Xenith Helmets

This 3D configurator made our list because we created it. Seriously though, all bias aside, this is a great configurator. And as far as we know, it may be the first 3D configurator available on the web. Xenith was way ahead of the pack, hiring ONU to create this experience back in 2015.

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 8.50.02 AM.pngThe 3D experience itself is fully interactive. The helmets can be rotated fully on any axis. Plus the user has full control over the level of zoom. A full range of color choices are available for the shell and facemask portions of the helmet. The facemask style can even be chosen from over ten different options. Round it out by customizing the chincup and adding an optional visor.

The best part may be the abilty to explode the helmet. Doing this reveals the inner technology used in all Xenith helmets. Showing why they were rated as the safest helmet by the NFL. After using this configurator, you will understand why it helped put both Xenith and ONU on the map!

Michael Andrews BESPOKE

The Michael Andrews 3D experience is the only clothing configurator to make the list. Allowing customers to personalize dress shirts of varying designs and styles. You can even add a tie to the shirt to finalize the look. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 8.55.56 AM.pngThe 3D experience isn’t as interactive as others on the list. Rotation is done using a button, which rotates between one of eight (8) pre-defined angles. Similarly, zoom is either on or off and when on further limits the available rotation angles.

What the experience may lack in interactivity, it more than makes up for in flexibility and visual quality. Change between different fabric, collar, cuff, pocket and sleeve options. Your shirt can even be personalized with a monogram. The visuals are photo-realistic, leaving no doubt as to the quality of the final product. Zooming in on the shirt reveals minor details with stitching, buttons and pleats.

Once your shirt is complete, add it to your bag or wishlist. We’d like to see some snapshot and sharing capabilities added in the future. Otherwise, this is a great 3D configurator and definitely belongs on our list.

Zodiac Configurator

This 3D configurator is definitely the most unexpected one on our list. Using the Zodiac configurator you can create a completely custom inflatable boat. And why not. If you’re going to spend 100K on a boat, you should get what you want!

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 10.21.28 AM.png

The 3D experience is fully interactive, allowing unbridled rotation and zoom. You can also choose between five (5) pre-defined views. The visual quality is strong while retaining great performance. Colors can be modified across the entire product, including the inflatable tubes, upholstery, deck, hull and floor. You can even change engines and add optional equipment, such as a ski pole or sun roof.

Once your boat is complete, you can download and share on social media. That way you can send it to all the new friends you will have once your boat arrives!

Penny Skateboards

Last but certainly not least on our list is the Penny Skateboards 3D configurator. We ran across this experience over a year ago and were immediately hooked. The simple, yet elegant Ux is mesmerizing and kept us engaged for longer than we’d like to admit. Given we are too old to be in the market for a skateboard.

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 10.35.40 AM.png

The 3D experience is very interactive, allowing full rotation. The lack of zoom is a curious omission. But we can forgive that, given the richness of the overall experience. Colors can be completely personalized, for the deck, wheels, truck, bolts and more. All of the options are easily accessible. But the best part is how the skateboard automatically rotates based on the selected option. This provides the perfect viewing angle and makes this the best user experience on the list.

Once you’ve created your skateboard, you can buy or share it on social media. You can even watch your skateboard in action by rolling it across the provided ground plane. A cool feature that was like the cherry on top of an amazing experience. Whether or not you’re into skateboarding, we would suggest you try out this 3D configurator.

So that’s our list. We hope you had as much fun reading as we did researching. We’d love to hear your feedback on these 3D configurators and any others that you think should have made the list. Happy configuring!