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Dynamic 3D Product Configurator

Michigan-based Xenith makes some of the most sought-after football helmets available today. As with all sports, branding and team identity is key. Xenith needed an innovative e-commerce solution where customers could easily build their own helmet. While ONU One began as a mobile and tablet app, our partnership with Xenith accelerated the development of our WebGL viewer. This means that interactive 3D models of their products could be customized in real time for a seamless consumer experience. It provides customers with enhanced functionality to understand the product before they purchase, and ensures they’re delivered exactly what they want. ONU One on the web for e-commerce is easy to use with endless functionality.



Xenith’s design goes beyond aesthetics and safety. Their helmets were ranked #1 in the 2015 NFL Health & Safety Report. In order to easily show the details that make their products so special, the explodable views of ONU are critical. With ONU, Xenith can:

  • Explore their market differentiators

  • Show the inside of their helmets without physical models

  • Rotate and zoom on key elements.

  • Utilize Hotspots to link to in-depth information

  • Showcase every aspect of every product on demand

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Xenith utilized the full range of ONU One services across all of their devices and platforms. This means they take advantage of the tremendous information available on the mobile and tablet apps for their salesforce and front-line training, as well as offering a highly competitive e-commerce solution to consumers directly on their website. As they add new products, ONU One allows for Xenith to easily modify their digital inventory; it’s also ideal for showing off prototypes that are not yet in production.